• Change Our Leave Company
    This is important because many of us here at Apple have had to take a leave of absence from work for various reasons. The leave process is challenging and draining. Most, if not all of the process is put on the employee. The employees may already be under stress, anxiety, or intense pressure due to their own personal situation. When we were hired, we were guaranteed these benefits but we aren’t all receiving them. This is especially true for those of us suffering with mental health problems which I believe are usually disregarded by the leave company and never seriously considered a disability. The government finds many mental health issues to be disabilities, so, why is it different when dealing with a leave company? Perhaps because the leave company believes the employee just wants to get paid to be out of work and to do whatever they want. However, the reality is that when on a leave for mental health issues, those issues are exacerbated due to the added stresses of being out on a leave, and mental health does not improve. There is no fairness when leave claims are handled between those with physical health leaves and mental health leaves. Physical and mental health do correlate. Personally, I have found Sedgwick to be a one-sided company whose only objective is to save Apple money by not paying their employees while out on a medical leave of absence from work. More specifically, in relation to medical leaves involving mental health. They also do not employ doctors to interview employees or review the documentation to verify their reason for the leave. They employ nurses, who are not qualified to make medical decisions, to make decisions regarding ones claim. Sedgwick is an unfair company with unfair business practices and many complaints regarding this company have been filed in recent years.
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    Created by Taralynn Ruiz
  • Stand with Vermont's Restaurant Workers!
    Vermonters love to dine out, experience new things, and try new foods and flavors. So do the many tourists that visit our beautiful state each year. The restaurant culture and service industry isn’t going anywhere and neither are the amazing humans who work in and sustain it. Not only is it not going anywhere, it has been growing and expanding rapidly. The service industry has grown 80% since the 1990s, more than any other sector of our economy in America. Nationally, 1 out of every 2 people currently works or has worked in the service industry. Under current Vermont law, tipped workers bring home $5.39 an hour before tips. This leaves a large section of Vermont’s workforce - 12,300 people, nearly 80% of whom are women - vulnerable to inconsistent and unreliable pay, low wages, and harassment. This year, we're fighting to raise the standards for thousands of Vermont's tipped service workers and fight for One Fair Wage, improving the security of those who work in Vermont's profitable food service industry by raising wages across the board to at least $15 an hour before tips, phased in over several years. As someone who has worked in the industry for many years, I enjoy and take pride in this work. I also know firsthand the challenges that we face as a result of poverty wages. Elsewhere, others have also begun to recognize these challenges. Many states such as Minnesota, California, Washington, and Oregon have already agreed to One Fair Wage: a single minimum wage for all restaurant workers with tips as usual. Will you stand in support and solidarity with Vermont’s tipped workforce and let our legislators know that you support #OneFairWage? Let’s be on the right side of history together. Join me in signing today. Andy Sebranek Burlington, VT
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    Created by Andy Sebranek
  • Better Pay and Old Surge for Uber Drivers
    Many drivers have lives, just like the CEO of Uber. For some drivers, rideshare driving is their only source of income. By reducing the rates and getting rid of the multiplier surge on Uber, it makes it harder for drivers to make good money daily. And remember, drivers have to spend their own money to purchase gas, oil change, brakes, tires, and other expenses. It's time for Uber to look out for the drivers!
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    Created by Brandon T
  • Expanded Educational Benefits
    This is important because there are many Starbucks Partners who have already earned a 4 year degree, been in the workforce for a period of time and no longer see value in what they studied due to changes in life, interests, and career path, especially many older Partners such as myself. In my particular stuation, I have earned a 4 year degree, and after years in the workforce, no longer want to pursue a career path in my field of study. This makes me no different than a twenty something starting out in College. In both cases, we are trying to find a career path, I'm just older and degreed.
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    Created by Louis DeLaPena
  • Let the unions in at Publix
    Publix has taken drastic steps to cut costs and hours among the already low-paid, low-hour store level employees. This was completed unilaterally and without input from the associates. Meanwhile, the corporate officers continue to get paid at a much higher rate, and are never asked to cut their pay or benefits. Allowing a labor union to represent you would establish a process in which Publix must follow before they are allowed to do this. It provides a disciplinary process that is fair and equal to everyone, which will eliminate favoritism. It would establish an universal pay scale. It is also important to know that Publix, by federal law (Chapter 5 United States Code) CANNOT fire or otherwise discipline you for attempting to form or join a union.
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    Created by Kyle Beamsderfer
  • Pay partners more.
    It is important to me and to others because we are the company each worker has an impact on how successful this company is. If we were to get promotions it would show that the company is appreciating us, yes the Starbucks Achievement Plan, is phenomenal, but there are partners who live on their own, those with families if they are doing school they need to be payed more for furthering their education.
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    Created by Alexia Duran
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  • Tacobueno
    Cause I have been in this company for 3 years and still make the some.after all the taxes and chilsupport taking out my check is 300 dollars and I can't live without that.i don't even get food stamps.
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    Created by Yvonne Garcia
  • Starbucks Tenured Baristas Pay Rate
    Experience and loyalty! We deserve to be making atleast $15/hour with larger raises.
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    Created by Jane Snyder
  • Allow Tip Jars In Jimmy John's Stores
    In-shoppers rely on a modest hourly wage, and at this point in time, corporate policy prohibits the placing of a tip jar at registers. The hourly wage currently at Miklin Enterprises is $9.00, the minimum wage in the state of Minnesota, and it similar at Jimmy John's franchises across the U.S. $9.00 does not even cover a full meal at Jimmy John's; considering the costs of housing, food, childcare, education, etc, and the fact that many in-shop employees are single parents, college students, and people working multiple jobs, $9.00 per hour is simply not enough to create a decent living. If Miklin and other Jimmy John's franchises are not willing at this point to increase their employee's wages, the very least they can do is allow them to take in a modest increase in income through voluntary tips by in-shop customers. Outright prohibiting employees to utilize a tip jar is a blatant disrespect to these workers.
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    Created by Jooty Garland
  • Personal Holiday pay in our MIT pay
    This is one reason employees morale is very low
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    Created by Suku Ramakrishnan
  • Make "tip pay" illegal
    This is important because I cannot afford to buy food, have a cellphone, have electricity, or have running water. I don't have cable or internet, I literally have the bare necessities and I still cannot afford to be alive if it wasn't for the stipend I get from my university.
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    Created by William Dison