• UBER: Be fair; increase fares!
    Drivers have direct costs that include gas, repairs & maintenance, insurance as well as indirect costs. Some drivers have additional expenses that include vehicle loans as well as licenses and fees for larger vehicles. Most drivers are full-time and all rely on this income to pay for these and other expenses. Uber has been profiting from the work of these drivers for years to the point that may drivers feel Uber is taking advantage of their position. Drivers are classified as independent contractors; however, they have no control over pricing. Help send a message to Uber that the price manipulation needs to stop. Drivers should be paid more and Uber must raise fares.
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  • Fair pay for the existing employees!
    It's important to give the existing employees a fair pay raise considering we have worked really hard to receive our pay raises over the years. It's not fair to start an employee off at $8 something as a barista, change it to $9 last year and then your shift supervisors only making a little bit more! For example having an employee starting 10 years ago and working very hard to get her raises and moving up in management , just to be makin a little more now as a barista! It's not right! We older partners have worked extremely hard over these past few years just to be taken advantage of now for all our hard work and dedication to the company! I think it is fair to give employees that have been with the company for longer time the same benefits in raises as the new employees. Another example would be a barista starting two years ago at starting rate then working hard for thier raise, then statbucks decides that they need to pay more for starting employees and now they make the same amount of money. It's just not fair for the employee that worked so hard for the past year to get her raise just to have a new employee start at the same pay. What happened to her hard work that she did for her to earn her raise? It's important to make the older partners feel appreciated and that their hard work is worth it and has been! I've been with the company for 10 yrs now and I started at 6.75 minimum wage worked hard for every single raise, got promoted to shift supervisor,, continuted to work really hard! Now these new hires come in fresh and make $2 less than me! While I have dedicated 10 years and counting doubling my hourly over these years! I worked very hard for all my raises! I just feel like it's not fair for us older employees, I mean even the one that have been with the company only two years! All their hard work isn't compensated now. They get the same pay as a new hire. I think Starbucks need to think serious about this and how the past year with raising the starting pay has effected the employees that have been with the company for a long period of time!
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    Created by Patti Mathena
  • Fight for Fighters
    MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. Mixed Martial Artists should be treated like professional athletes. Fighters should have the right to know how much money a promotion is making from an event. Fans should have the right to see the best possible fights through independent rankings. Extending the Ali Act to MMA would help professionalize the sport & stop the conflicts of interests that currently exist in the sport.
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  • Auto gratuity on parties of six or more
    When servers have to tip out for hostess and bartenders this tip comes out of their own tips based on their sales for the day, most of the time servers have to end up paying for guests to sit at their table and eat because they don't tip the proper amount according to their tap. In a place like Miami and other cities that are most of the time visited by tourists from other countries or just people that don't want to tip we are after shortened in our tips and our paychecks are not enough to even pay for our gas to go to work and back.
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    Created by Paula Gutierrez
  • BJ's Brewhouse and Restaurant: Give Servers Auto-Gratuity for Large Parties
    BJ's is a casual dining restaurant chain with 169 locations in 22 states. We're known especially for pizza and award-winning beer. It's a great restaurant to work for, but not providing auto-gratuity for large parties makes it hard for servers. Many customers don't realize gratuity isn't included or don't leave a fair tip when it's a large party. Plus, servers need to pay out a portion of whatever tip we reserve to support staff like busers and host/hostesses. Sometimes, when the restaurant isn't too busy and I'm serving just a few large parties, I won't even take home enough in tips to pay a bus fare. Other restaurants I've worked for include auto-gratuity and it's made a big difference. This issue is something that has plagued us all as employees of this wonderful company. We don't make as much as we should which, has made a lot of our staff contemplate leaving the company.
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    Created by Mark Bryan
  • Walmart: Extend your employee discount to cover ALL food
    To many, a 10% employee discount on ALL food may not seem like a lot. But, as Walmart associates, we know it could mean the difference between putting food on the table or going hungry. My name is Nancy Reynolds. I’m a Walmart associate from store 771 in Merritt Island, FL. For me, the food that I’m eligible for with my employee discount isn’t good for my diabetes. I need to eat healthy food multiple times throughout the day and, simply put: that is hard on Walmart pay and hours. If Walmart would extend its employee discount to cover ALL food items, like Target[1], Whole Foods, Trader Joes[2] and many other grocery stores have done, it would help associates and their families across the country. What’s more, Walmart can afford it. This is a win – win. A ten percent discount would allow Walmart associates to spend more money on food at Walmart and in return, we would also be healthier workers. I've even talked to Walmart associates in Canada who said that they receive discounts on ALL of their food, so why not here in the United States too? In the past, Walmart has listened to our calls for change, but it takes associates and community standing together to call for change. The support is there. In our survey of over 3000 Walmart workers, 99% support a ten percent discount on all food. It’s time for Walmart to listen to its associates. The time to act on this is now. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. If we can get enough support on this petition before the holiday season, Walmart could change its policy and more associates could have the food we need to provide for our families this holiday season. [1] https://corporate.target.com/careers/benefits/financial-benefits [2] http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/which-retail-chains-have-the-best-employee-discoun#.ggyzDxyR
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    Created by Nancy Reynolds
  • Tell Myer: clean up your act!
    My name is Susan* and I work as a cleaner at a Myer store in Melbourne. Cleaners like me work around the clock keeping Myer stores clean and hygienic. But dodgy subcontractors are underpaying us by up to $20 an hour. We are denied basic rights like sick pay, weekend rates and superannuation. If we complain we can be sacked at any time – many of us are too frightened to join our union and speak out. A few weeks ago a Myer cleaner was sacked when he asked about his rights. So was his sister – and his partner. And they weren’t even there! Myer threw out its last contractor earlier this year because cleaners were being exploited. Now it’s happening again. We should be paid properly, and be able to work without fear or intimidation. The system is unjust and is failing us. Please stand with me and my fellow cleaners and tell Myer it needs to clean up its act and demand we are directly employed and receive our full legal pay. *Not my real name.
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    Created by Susan Myer Cleaner
  • TGI Fridays: Bring Back Auto Grat
    Servers are not able to support themselves or their families, if they don't start thinking of their employees too, families truly are going to be suffering more. There are tables who don't tip properly on parties. Many times, we have had parties of 10 or more whom did have great service -- they would even tell us -- but at the end when the bill is $250, they slip you a $10. But the government thinks hey you probably made at least 10% which would have been $25 but in all actuality you made $10.00 and still tip the bartender. So you made $5. Please help us make Fridays listen.
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    Created by Heather Freeman
  • Starbucks: Tips for Bar
    I feel it is important because some stores because of their location do NOT earn as much tips as other locations. Many customers are rushed away from register and forget or do not even think to leave tips, whereas workers on bar are frequently complimented on speed, style and some on latter art. Tips are vital to some of us when we've spent our check and all we need is a few bucks to buy metrocard or pay for our other necessities. $15 in tips is too little for those work too hard.
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    Created by Amanda Villot
  • Better treatment for Uber drivers
    Uber has been treating their drivers worse and worse as time goes by. Enough is enough. Just because they label drivers as independent contractors, doesn't mean they can take advantage of them and completely ignore labor laws. Nobody is standing up for Uber drivers. Its time drivers stand up for themselves!
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    Created by Abe Husein
  • Invest in Disability Services
    Because of a lack of funding many people with disabilities are not getting the Personal Assistant support they need, making some prisoners in their own home. PAs have also suffered cuts to their pay and conditions, making ends meet a real challenge for many. People with a disability deserve to live with dignity and workers deserve a living wage. We all have the right to own independence, it's time to make this a reality for all.
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    Created by Darragh O'Connor
  • CSL workers demand secure jobs in the north
    CSL employees are skilled and hardworking. We need to stand with them to protect quality, secure jobs in the north.
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