• Petition to Honor and Extend Employment Commitments for Contingent Faculty at Smith College
    Contingent faculty members at Smith College face significant and disproportionate economic precarity. After you sign this petition, you'll have the option to leave us a message of support. In that message, please let us know what your relationship is to Smith College, such as: Smith contingent faculty Smith staff Smith administration Smith student Smith alum Smith tenure-track faculty Smith tenured faculty Five College contingent faculty Five College staff Five College student Five College alum Five College tenure-track faculty Five College tenured faculty Faculty or staff member at another college/university Community supporter
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    Created by Sophia Smith
  • Uber: Stop Slowing Down Unemployment for New York Drivers and Stop Lying To Us About Our Rights!
    Today, as the COVID19 crisis rages through New York, Uber drivers, like many other gig workers, face unprecedented health risks and total financial ruin. At a moment of such crisis, Uber's actions are designed to confuse drivers about our immediate right to access NYS unemployment insurance and to obstruct quick delivery of those benefits. Uber drivers are eligible for unemployment benefits in New York State RIGHT NOW. Three Uber driver members of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance and all “similarly employed” drivers in New York State won the right to unemployment benefits in a final ruling in 2018. Uber did not appeal this ruling and it is now final. Additionally, an upstate Uber driver, and all similarly employed upstate drivers have been found to be employees with a right to the state's unemployment insurance benefits. Since then, Uber drivers in New York State have applied for, and been paid out unemployment benefits. Yet, Uber has failed to provide the New York State Department of Labor with the wage data necessary to process driver claims quickly, heartlessly delaying payouts that drivers need to feed our families in a time of crisis. A recent New York State Court of Appeals decision found Postmates to be an employer, as well. Uber knows its misclassification game is over. Uber needs to follow the law and start reporting its drivers' wages to NYS immediately. But Uber continues to mislead drivers, telling us we need to wait for the federal pandemic unemployment assistance program to go into effect. That is a lie. Any delay in benefits during this pandemic could be a matter of life and death for Uber drivers whose incomes have been decimated. We demand that Uber stop misleading drivers, inform all New York State drivers of our right to state unemployment benefits, and that Uber cooperate with the New York Department of Labor so that drivers can immediately receive the benefits we need to survive this crisis. Photo credit: Spencer Platt / Getty Images
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    Created by Amara Sanogo, Mehedi Hasan, and Zakir Ahmed
  • Taco Bell’s employees and COVID-19
    For the safety of all Taco Bell employees, customers and their families. We the undersigned workers of Taco Bell are concerned about the Covid 19 Health Crisis, and we are worried about how our current work situation is putting us and others directly in harm’s way. Taco Bell hasn’t even considered any sort of bonus or hazard pay raise during this COVID-19 outbreak. McDonald’s, Subway, Arby’s, and most other fast food restaurants that have now been deemed “essential” are getting $2-3 pay raises. Some jobs have given their employees hazard pay and they aren’t working either because the business closed. We’re put at risk and putting our families at risk every day that we go to work for Taco Bell. We are told to change gloves and wash hands between the customers. However, we aren’t given enough staffing to allow us to take these precautions and maintain the company’s desired drive through times without getting questioned about why we aren’t working fast enough. We asked our store manager if we can wear a face mask at work to protect ourselves and he said the regional general manager told him that if an employee feels uncomfortable enough to wear a face mask then that is on them and they need to go home. The regional general manager indicated this is because wearing masks “creates panic and fear”. We say NO! WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A GLOBAL PANDEMIC right now and people are being advised by the CDC to wear masks to protect themselves. Finally, Taco Bell recently had a “Free taco for every customer (obviously in the car) WITHOUT PURCHASE NECESSARY”. Those of us that worked that day know it was the busiest we’ve seen the store since the Corona pandemic began and we have recently been informed they’re going to have another one on the 7th! Corporate is literally encouraging people to come to their store in the midst of the pandemic! April 2nd in the morning there was one case in Dixon, as of 4pm that day there were two and due to what we know about asymptomatic carriers there are likely many more than that. A business losing a few weeks to a month of business isn’t as important as endangering our lives and the lives of our children. By signing this petition we are standing together to demand management make changes before something happens to one of us. If one of us gets sick, we all get sick! Consequently, we respectfully and formally request that Taco Bell make immediate improvements to our paid time off and workplace health and safety policies. Specifically, we want to request: That, ideally, the store close until further notice and provide everyone paid leave until reopening. If the business would be existentially threatened by our first improvement then we request that management support employees and workplace safety by providing a month paid leave to stay home for any employees who have been exposed to COVID-19, show symptoms of COVID-19, test positive for COVID-19, have underlying conditions putting them at greater risk, or live with children or elderly individuals at greater risk. For those that continue to work we request proper personal protective equipment such as abundant latex gloves, face masks, and hand sanitizer in the store. We also request a $3 hazard pay increase for all those that choose to work during this crisis. We engage in this collective, concerted activity under the protection of Federal Law, specifically, Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act. We are also prepared to engage in further actions that are also protected by the Act, as well as collective action designed to safeguard our immediate health and wellbeing from imminent danger as defined by OSHA, Standard number 1977.12 (b) (2).
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    Created by TacoBellWorkersUnited At gmail dot com
  • Fedex
    We as a company and community are providing the essentials for businesses to make sure our customers are save and taken care of and putting ourselves in harm's way through covid-19
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  • Cemex - Take Care of Your Frontline Workers
    Infrastructure is very important to keep on building but us employees are putting our lives and the lives of our families at risk. First of all, nothing is worth the risk of a profit. It is understood that nobody asked for the circumstances we find ourselves in. Shutting operations down, and sending employees home with pay is the only humane thing to do -- please do not wait until someone from the Cemex family dies. If you do force us to work, we demand that you provide the staff with n95 masks and Hazard pay. We hope you will be the global leader that you are. Sincerely, Your Frontline Workers
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    Created by sergio silesky
  • Pay Pizza Hut Employees Hazardous Pay
    The definition of hazard pay by the UN is: "Hazard pay is a form of compensation granted to staff members who have been requested to remain and report for work in duty stations where very hazardous conditions, such as war or active hostilities, prevailed and where the evacuation of families and nonessential staff had taken place." Pizza Hut is currently open to the public during this time to provide customers with a much needed service of providing pizza among many other items. Many pizza hut employees are worried and scared that during these hard times of a pandemic that they or their families will likely contract COVID-19 due to being in contact with customers during their shifts without enough proper PPE to otherwise protect them. Thus pizza hut should be providing employees with hazard pay to compensate them for their extra work and exposure to COVID-19.
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  • Burford’s Tree paid workers need hazard pay NOW!/ Necesitamos el Pago por riesgo AHORA
    As production Burford’s arborists and tree care workers, we understand the importance of maintaining safe and healthy landscapes for residents and municipalities. We want to continue the important work that we do to maintain our high standards of care–but most importantly, we want the human health risks we now take in doing so to be acknowledged and valued. We are told that we have choices-We also need pay and security. We are currently not in positions to meet this essential need if we choose to stay home in order to protect our health and well being. Give us the choice to be compensated for hazardous work or to protect ourselves at home and still make ends meet! ESPAÑOL: Como arborists de Burford’s nosotros entendemos la importancia de mantener las buenas condiciones y la seguridad de las propiedades. Queremos continuar el importante trabajo que nosotros mantenemos- pero mas importante, nosotros queremos ser reconocidos por los riesgos de salud que tomamos todos los días por realizar nuestro trabajo. Nos comunican que tenemos opciones. Pero tambien el pago y la seguridad es una necesidad de vida. Ahora, no tenemos ese pago y seguridad si decidimos quedarnos en la casa. Por favor denos la opción de tener una compensación por "hazard work", o la opción protegernos en casa con seguridad.
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    Created by Trabajador De Burford
  • Hazard Pay for HAZARDOUS WORK---ALL Therapak/Avantor Locations
    We employee's continue to risk our health/lives, AND the health of our families at home, daily for regular pay. We go to work sometimes 6 days/nights a week and are making a good bit less than most people who are out of work due to the virus and are collecting unemployment. We build and distribute all kinds of medical equipment, lab equipment, test kits (COVID-19 Test Kits for starters), and safety equipment/PPE to places all over the country. We are told by our supervisors that they are "protecting us from the virus while we are at work" but yet, WE HAVE NO HAND SANITIZER, LYSOL/DISINFECTANT SPRAY, OR ANY KIND OF DISINFECTANT WIPES. The warehouse location I work at got a letter from the U.S. Department of Labor because of OSHA complaints on March 26,2020. The letter stated our employer "did not follow CDC guidelines by cleaning facility following an employee diagnosis of coronavirus" and they "had not developed an infectious disease preparedness and response plan". Now, if you don't consider that working under hazardous conditions, I don't know what would. What would the employers do if ALL the employees at the warehouse I work at decided enough is enough and walked out until we got hazard pay? Hire more people? Good luck with that. Everyone that is unemployed right now are getting paid to stay home and be safe. Think they want to swap that for a job making $12 a hour and possibly a free dose of coronavirus? Doubt it.
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    Created by Therapak Employee
  • working under dangerous conditions
    This is important Because we employees are putting our life and our families life in danger by showing up to work everyday. Many of my coworkers feel the same way, we work with a company with over 250 employees on floor. That's not including the employees who work in the office. And they're not not following the guidelines of being 6ft apart. The only time we follow the guidelines is when we enter at the gate. That's only because the cameras are set up at the entrance.
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    Created by Jason West
  • Office Depot/office max paid leave whom lives with the elderly/or live with a child
    It is life or death for us and survival and safety of our healths and family we have to make a difference it starts with us .
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    Created by Ann MarinAro
  • Hazard pay for Resources for Human Development Essential employees
    The support staff are the backbone of Resources for Human Development. without us the company doesn't exist. it's time RHD shows some appreciation for all the staff that are risking their lives and the lives of their family coming to work everyday. We serve some of the most at risk people in the country for this deadly virus. I believe our company could make this a little bit easier on the lower level people that are out there every day the current hazard pay policy is not indicative of the values of Resources for Human Development and needs to be revised immediately.
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    Created by Camillo Melchiorre
  • Custom Alloy Employees Deserve Hazard Pay
    This is important because Custom Alloy is a part of America’s Defense Industrial Base. Custom Alloy is an essential supplier of parts and assemblies for the Columbia Class Program and Virginia and Ford Class programs. The employees make sure those parts and assemblies are of outstanding quality before leaving the factory. They are risking their lives and their families’ lives in support of our nations military. So please help Custom Alloy employees get hazard pay and back pay.
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    Created by Custom Alloy Employees