• Reinstate the Minimum Fare
    With the latest rate cuts, the fares are so ridiculously low that many rides - especially the shorter ones - now only earn the driver only $2–$3. By reinstating the minimum fare, these rides will increase the drivers’ portion to a more reasonable amount to at least cover expenses.
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  • Howard Schultz, Meet With Your Baristas!
    Our schedules constantly change, many of us struggle to get enough work hours, we can't plan our lives around our jobs, and we find it difficult if not impossible to call out sick because of the difficulty of finding coverage. These things contribute to a stressful work environment and decrease morale at our stores. We've seen great, hardworking coworkers leave the company for these reasons. We, the baristas of Starbucks, experience these things firsthand, and we are the very people within the company who should be proposing solutions. We want to talk to Howard Schultz in person, and have a conversation about how we can move forward together to make Starbucks better. Please sign on in support!
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    Created by Leila, Darrion, Grant, and Melanie
  • Bring Back The CAP
    We believe that moving to a CAP system will restore much of the lost and damaged AFL brand by increasing the respect and value of players, fans and sponsors. A CAP system helps teams to compete for talent in a way that drives all involved towards the best and most valuable market solution thereby delivering the highest probability of success with competition driving all involved to a higher standard.
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    Created by Ivan Soto
  • The Uber application often doesn't work
    I am spending hours on the road in prime business location at ideal times and losing income in the moment b/c the uber app is failing to function normally. the uber app often loses fares and fails do disclose fares for my record keeping purposes. sometimes these failures are due to pending updates, sometimes uber knows but doesn't tell drivers that the app isn't working. all of this costs drivers in many ways. Uber should be responsible for these losses and should disclose the functional status of the app at any given time
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    Created by Jason Haber
  • Massage establishments should stop keeping so much of the cut
    The public doesn't realize just how little their therapist receives. What's worse is that as they try to stay competitive, they keep lowering the price of massages, which also lowers wages AND tip amount. People tend to follow the 15%-20% rule. But on a $60 massage, that's only $12, far short of the norm of $20 per each hour. The public should realize that 15%-20% is great for a server. In 60 minutes, your server might only spend about 10 minutes total with you between your order, bringing your food, cashing you out, while your therapist devotes the entire 60 minutes to JUST you!
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    Created by Mike Brown
  • Decrease The Service Fee
    Uber, while being nearly 6 years old, is "still [young and] in it's infancy," as they like to say. The driver app, after all this time, is riddled with bugs and flaws. They are continually trying to meet a halfway point of satisfaction between the riders and drivers. Riders want to pay less, drivers want more money, and with the app as screwy as it has been, I personally, whom uber takes 20% as a service fee for uber X, think that even 20% is too much to pay for service, especially with how crappy the service is. The Uber Driver app currently has me thrown from one side of the city to the next, approximating 10-15 minutes to arrive to a pick up, even if I'm in an area that requires more attention, and when asked if this can be fixed, all uber could do is send me a reply claiming that they are trying to create a better cleaner system and to just sit tight and be patient. I'm sorry, but no. For the way things run, Uber honestly deserves only 5% of a service fee from all drivers. Recently, in September 2015, they announced that all new drivers would have a 28% service fee. That isn't fair to any new drivers, because they are using the same problematic system, and they have just the same reasons as everybody else who has joined uber in the past. It is imperative that Uber drop their service fee for ALL drivers, old and new, down to 5% until they can at least get their system in gear. If this is done, more veteran drivers would be more willing to drive, even if it wasn't surging, and uber would still be bringing millions of dollars to their wallets every year. Customers are still paying cheap for their rides, drivers wouldn't struggle so bad to make a living, and uber would still profit from their service fees. Everybody wins.
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  • Adjusted sick/vacation pay for hourly managers
    Hourly paid managers cannot take a sick day or a full weeks vacation without taking a hit of at least $100 on a paycheck. As an employee who is expected to work 45 hours a week, there shouldn't be a concern about missing pay because you are sick or taking a "paid" vacation. This leads to illness being brought to the stores because sick employees feel as though they cannot afford to take a sick day as well as vacations not being taken because they will not be fully paid.
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    Created by Jennifer Johnson
  • I can't pay for my daughter's medical treatment on McDonald's wages
    I’m facing a situation no parent should have to go through. My 3-year-old daughter Samiya suffers from frequent seizures due to epilepsy. She has as many as 6 seizures per week. My heart sinks every time my daughter has an attack. I cry a lot, have sleepless nights, and feel depressed. Samiya also has partial deafness, which has led to developmental learning disabilities. When she turned three, she became ineligible for subsidized early intervention therapy, which I just can’t pay for out of pocket. The worst part is that even though I work for McDonald’s, one of the richest companies in the world, I cannot pay the bills that have stacked up because of my daughter’s situation and cannot afford the treatment she needs to get better. I only make $10 an hour, and I’ve been a full-time employee at McDonald’s for five years. On top of that, McDonald’s doesn’t provide any benefits like health care, sick days, and maternity leave. I use food stamps and Medicaid, yet I still struggle to provide for my daughter. I can barely pay for my rent-assisted apartment in Hyde Park, and I struggle to pay my bills on time or get anything additional my daughter needs. This isn’t right. McDonald’s made $4.8 billion dollars in profit in 2014. I should be able to pay for my daughter’s treatment & medicine without government assistance. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to cover for McDonald’s greediness. Yet, all over the country, parents like me are struggling to pay for our kid’s childcare, food, and medicine. Please stand with me & demand that McDonald’s provide quality, affordable healthcare, raise pay to $15, and respect our union rights so that fast food workers and their families don’t have to struggle to survive. I know McDonald’s has enough money to pay their workers a decent wage. We need this so I can get Samiya the treatment she needs.
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    Created by Aiesha Meadows McLaurin
  • Ruby Tuesday: Bring Back Auto Gratuity on Parties of 6 or More
    This would eliminate guesswork on bill paying for servers. With auto gratuity, servers can wait on large tables without the fear of their money or time being wasted by a party that gives a minuscule or nonexistent tip.
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  • Bring back auto gratuity to parties of six or more at Carrabba's
    Because as a server most of the time when I have to split a large party with other coworkers we make very little money. Most people do not tip accordingly especially large parties.
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    Created by Jessica Medeiros
  • Bring gratuity back to Bubba Gump
    We work hard to provide an excellent service. It hurts when we don't get protected for our money. We daily experience many people whom appreciate the service but don't understand the concept of tipping. We work in a location that has more tourists whose lack of understanding of tipping because of language or cultural barriers jeopardize what we work hard for.
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    Created by R. S.
  • Bring Auto Gratuity Back to the Cheesecake Factory!
    This is extremely important because servers who used to average say $1000 a month, are now averaging way less. Our guests shouldn't have a problem with auto gratuity , and the company we work for especially shouldn't have an issue with bringing back auto grat, a company that prides itself on being the best there is and treating eachother like family and having guests satisfaction be our ultimate goal. Help the servers continue this mission for our guests by helping them. Everyone gets paid regardless of what happens, besides servers. Bring Auto grat back everywhere! Real change happens when everyday people come together and stand up for what we believe in is right. I'm confident that if enough people speak out on this issue, we can win. After you've signed the petition, please take a moment to share it with others. It's super easy!
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