• NPC International Inc should hold Jacksonville, FL Pizza Hut responsible for worker endangerment
    Worker safety should be the most important thing next to revenue.
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    Created by Jules Rodgers
  • Pay partners more.
    It is important to me and to others because we are the company each worker has an impact on how successful this company is. If we were to get promotions it would show that the company is appreciating us, yes the Starbucks Achievement Plan, is phenomenal, but there are partners who live on their own, those with families if they are doing school they need to be payed more for furthering their education.
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    Created by Alexia Duran
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  • Tacobueno
    Cause I have been in this company for 3 years and still make the some.after all the taxes and chilsupport taking out my check is 300 dollars and I can't live without that.i don't even get food stamps.
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    Created by Yvonne Garcia
  • Facial Hair Policy
    The facial hair policy they currently have is outdated , the culture today isn't the same as it was back when a clean shave was appreciated.
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    Created by Isaac Ramos
  • Starbucks, restricting piercings is keeping your partners from showing their true selves!
    It's simple! Having multiple piercings, whether it may be a septum piercing, eyebrow piercing, or many, many ear piercings, doesn't make our appearance seem criminal, and it does not mean said partner is unapproachable. Customers care about our products and the amazing experience they receive by coming the Starbucks. This WILL NOT be hindered by allowing partners to have more piercings. Please, allow partners the ability to FULLY express themselves. If you agree, give this petition a sign!
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    Created by Alexandra Hasting
  • Starbucks Tenured Baristas Pay Rate
    Experience and loyalty! We deserve to be making atleast $15/hour with larger raises.
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    Created by Jane Snyder
  • New Dependability Policy
    Attention Piedmont Ground and Passenger Service Employees WHAT DO WE WANT? FAIRNESS! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW! On June 7, 2016, Piedmont announced a new dependability policy. However, this was not announced system-wide on this date. In fact, management at some stations - including PHL and DCA - only announced the policy later in the month.  It was not until July 5, 2016 that Piedmont announced its "transition plan". It was only on this date that agents learned that all infractions from June 7, 2016 to present would be counted per the new dependability policy. Also, any NCNS - as defined under the previous policy - would carry over but be converted to the new point value. There are several things wrong here: • No consistency in the announcement system-wide • No consistency in the application of this transition plan system-wide • No consistency in the implementation of the new dependability policy itself system-wide • Disparity to all system-wide
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    Created by Donielle Prophete
  • Allow Tip Jars In Jimmy John's Stores
    In-shoppers rely on a modest hourly wage, and at this point in time, corporate policy prohibits the placing of a tip jar at registers. The hourly wage currently at Miklin Enterprises is $9.00, the minimum wage in the state of Minnesota, and it similar at Jimmy John's franchises across the U.S. $9.00 does not even cover a full meal at Jimmy John's; considering the costs of housing, food, childcare, education, etc, and the fact that many in-shop employees are single parents, college students, and people working multiple jobs, $9.00 per hour is simply not enough to create a decent living. If Miklin and other Jimmy John's franchises are not willing at this point to increase their employee's wages, the very least they can do is allow them to take in a modest increase in income through voluntary tips by in-shop customers. Outright prohibiting employees to utilize a tip jar is a blatant disrespect to these workers.
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    Created by Jooty Garland
  • Personal Holiday pay in our MIT pay
    This is one reason employees morale is very low
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    Created by Suku Ramakrishnan
  • Make "tip pay" illegal
    This is important because I cannot afford to buy food, have a cellphone, have electricity, or have running water. I don't have cable or internet, I literally have the bare necessities and I still cannot afford to be alive if it wasn't for the stipend I get from my university.
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    Created by William Dison
  • Support Letter
    Kathleen Garner Superintendent Toronto District School Board 5050 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario M2N 5N8 Dear Kathleen Garner: We understand that John Fisher PS teacher Jean-Aimé Lalonde has made the decision to change schools due to a misunderstanding between a few members of the community and him. We feel that his decision was made in haste, especially since all concerned authorities dismissed this misunderstanding and ruled Jean-Aimé is fit to continue teaching at our school. In an effort to avoid further conflict between the parent community and teaching staff at John Fisher, Jean-Aimé has decided to leave the school, in spite of his dedication and love for our community. We, the teaching staff at John Fisher, have not been consulted, and we understand that there is no obligation to consult us on this matter. Nonetheless, we would like to make our views known. • We appreciate our colleague Jean-Aimé for the immensely valuable contributions to the school he has made and continues to make every year and how strongly the students benefit from his programs • Few gym teachers possess his extraordinary background and profound pedagogical understanding in sports and movement • He is a native French speaker, which is rare and so valuable in the French Immersion environment • He is consistently building team spirit, both for teachers and students • He is always ready and willing to help his colleagues in any way he can (e.g., sharing his work space to accommodate varied initiatives) • He has dedicated his endless passion and given up his personal time for the school community by organising events as Jump Rope for Heart, Track and Field or Cross Country • He takes the lead with the aforementioned established school events but also introduces new and upcoming sports such as Kinball, founded in Canada and played internationally, or takes a supportive role in huge events like The Terry Fox Run • He incorporated seamless classroom management techniques which many of us frequently took back and incorporated readily and successfully into our own teaching We could continue listing all he has accomplished for the school for many, many more pages. IN a nutshell, it would be difficult to find someone who takes on these huge tasks with as much joy and attention to all the fine details as Jean-Aimé does. Many of us sat in wonder in the gym whenever we had the opportunity to watch our students in Jean-Aimé's program. The children's joy at their successes was palpable, but it was also clear to us that the children were also having fun. From a pedagogical standpoint, they were systematically and effectively building their strength and developing their skills. He is a gifted, intuitive teacher, who is also armed with an extraordinary wealth of background experience in sports, dance, pedagogy and the arts, which informs the way he sets parameters, challenges and behavioural expectations in his programs. We know that it has been a difficult time for our colleague and we feel that it would be best if he were able to heal from the hurt amongst friends and colleagues. We are concerned when we see that a highly valued member of our school should be made to feel that the best choice is to leave when he was perfectly content at John Fisher PS. And we are also concerned that if this is allowed to happen, we are all vulnerable to the whim of a few that, through persistence and threats, obtain an unjust result to their unfair demands. John Fisher PS is a school built on understanding and collaboration between parents, students, administration and teachers. We strongly feel that the unfair pressure from a very limited group of parents will result in a great loss for our teaching staff and for all the students at our school. Investigations have been conducted, Jean-Aimé is cleared to continue his phenomenal work and yet, this limited group of parents is set to impose their views on a matter that will affect us all. This is NOT how we build our school. Losing Jean-Aimé for the sake of avoiding a potential public relations fight is not how we operate. On the contrary, when one of us is under stress or subjected to injustice, we all come together and work for the best result for all, not for a few, no matter how loud those few may become. We are aware that Jean-Aimé has expressed his intention to change schools for the next school year. We would appreciate it if you could help us keep him as part of the teaching staff at John Fisher Public School. Our school needs teachers like him. Thank you for your consideration, The Staff at John Fisher. Cc: Marlene Harroun, Principal JFPS Jessica Feldberg, Vice-Principal JFPS Jean-Aimé Lalonde, Teacher JFPS Helen Victoros, ETT Executive Officer
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    Created by John Fisher Staff Picture