• FedEx: Employees need access to paid family and medical leave
    FedEx employs hundreds of thousands of people across the country and around the world. While many of us are sheltering at home - people who work for FedEx are working harder than ever on the frontlines of this pandemic. But if FedEx employees get sick, many don’t get paid. While FedEx employees are ensuring that so many of us have all that we need delivered to our homes, they don’t have access to the time that they need to care for sick and suffering family members - or personal medical leave for themselves if they get sick.
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  • Publix: Coronavirus Pandemic
    Publix is SPECIFICALLY not allowing employees to wear masks and gloves to do their jobs in the Deli, Meat and Produce departments who come into close contact with co-workers and customers whom may be carrying coronavirus, they do not have the luxury of social distancing of 6 ft at all times as requested by OUR PRESIDENT. Publix does not allow these employees to wear gloves or masks because it hurts the "Publix image". They changed their policy ONLY after they were scrutinized and a petition was written against them in regards to this same policy, But the policy was clearly only written to save face in the eyes of the public, because this policy only allows select employees to wear masks and the actual VERBIAGE SPECIFICALLY prohibits FOOD PREP WORKERS FROM WEARING MASKS. "The voluntary option to wear masks/surgical masks or dust masks are allowed. Associates in the food prep areas are not allowed to wear masks" These are the people that should definitely be wearing masks and gloves...
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  • Custom Alloy Employees Deserve Hazard Pay
    This is important because Custom Alloy is a part of America’s Defense Industrial Base. Custom Alloy is an essential supplier of parts and assemblies for the Columbia Class Program and Virginia and Ford Class programs. The employees make sure those parts and assemblies are of outstanding quality before leaving the factory. They are risking their lives and their families’ lives in support of our nations military. So please help Custom Alloy employees get hazard pay and back pay.
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  • Close Big Apple at 2 Park Ave Portland Maine
    This store is highly populated!! This store gets a bunch of customers In and out all day and at least half of our customers are homeless witch means they don't always have a way to shower and what not making hygiene sometimes hard. With that being said having this store open puts many at risk of getting the covid-19
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    Created by Sheena Hall
  • Bartlett Tree Experts: Hourly pay workers need hazard pay now!
    As production arborists and tree care workers, we understand the importance of maintaining safe and healthy landscapes for residents and municipalities. We want to continue the important work that we do to maintain our high standards of care–but most importantly, we want the human health risks we now take in doing so to be acknowledged and valued. We are told that we have choices-We also need pay and security. We are currently not in positions to meet this essential need if we choose to stay home in order to protect our health and well being. Give us the choice to be compensated for hazardous work or to protect ourselves at home and still make ends meet! Como arborists de Bartlett, nosotros entendemos la importancia de mantener la salud y la seguridad de las propiedades. Queremos continuar el importante trabajo que nosotros matenemos- pero mas importante, nosotros queremos ser reconcido por los riesgos de salud que tomamos por a ver trabajado. Dicen a nostoros que tenemos opciones. Pero tambien el pago y la seguridad es un necescidad de vida. Ahora, no tenemos ese pago y seguridad si decidimos quedar en la casa. Denos la opcion tener una compensacion por "hazard work", o la opcion protegernos en casa con pago y seguridad.
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  • Maintenance workers across the USA
    Because we could die /get sick/ company wouldnt batt an eye because you would be replaced the next day ,and now that person is at risk.
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  • Protect retail & grocery store workers during coronavirus pandemic
    Lots of grateful customers thank us for supporting them. But America’s biggest employers aren’t treating us like heroes, they are treating us like we are their bottomline. Walmart employs many people who are facing the pandemic without paid time off or health insurance. They penalize us when we’re sick and don’t accept doctors’ notes as excused absences. Amazon is hiring hundreds of thousands of employees to meet increasing demand – but most of these jobs are part-time without health care. Even worse, the government’s response so far has specifically excluded most retail and grocery employees – any company with more than 500 employees isn’t required to provide the emergency federal paid sick leave. Working in retail and grocery stores is a lot more dangerous than it was last month. Corporations need to recognize the worth of our work. Thank you for supporting us.
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  • Manager
    This is important because the building is smaller than small bathrooms. And having 10 employees elbow to elbow is breaking the law right now with the Coronavirus pandemic.
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  • Provide real hazard pay and protection for workers
    Employees at Giant Company need hazard pay. Hazard pay should cover the expenses associated with the hazard. 10% increase isn't hazard pay. It's a small temporary payment that should be permanent. Giant should have given us 10% as a token of appreciation for our diligence and dedication to the company for our hard work through these stressful times. Transportation alone is $100 a week to work! 10% raise is $1.30 cents an hour. Very small given the risk associated with covid 19 and very small in comparison to other companies. Symptoms take weeks to show and Giant needs to make these changes now.
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    Created by Dariana Watts
  • Dairy Queen
    I want for the owners, HR, or any top Fourteen Foods affiliate to recognize their employees! They "claim" to be all about family but I haven't seen 1 ounce of kindness or tenderness to us. I haven't seen them reach out and offer hazard pay or offer anything to protect us and our families. They should be ashamed of themselves. Any company still open needs to recognize their employees and show them what they are worth. Because at the end of the day we are risking our life our children lives our loved ones life to make them richer!! I demand less hours!!! I demand a difference in pay!! I demand an offer to stay home!! I demand to be respected!! Cornavirus is very serious. These top fortune 500 companies are treating us like our lives are nothing more then disposable. IT'S SICKENING.
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  • Hazardous pay for SCDC employees
    They are working in hazardous conditions, this is life threatening for the inmates as well as the employees .
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  • Hazard Pay for Welders and all Skilled Trade job workers.
    Every skilled trade worker has no choice but to come to work. While at work you are putting your health and your family health at risk because you're working around a lot of people. You don't know who's sick. Working in these fields you're putting your health your family health and the general public health at risk. Most jobs like these don't or can't practice social distance or anything else that could help prevent you from getting sick.
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