• Spectrum Employees need hazard pay now!
    According to the UN, hazard pay is “a form of compensation granted to staff members who have been requested to remain and report for work in duty stations where very hazardous conditions, such as war or active hostilities, prevailed and where the evacuation of families and nonessential staff had taken place.” We are in the middle of a global crisis. Charter/Spectrum employees— are ensuring our communities can work from home or be entertained while they stay home in safety and comfortably quarantined. But we are all risking our lives and that of our families by regularly coming into contact with other employees and our customers. The only thing we have been offered is three weeks of “flexible time off” once we are infected or affected by the virus, but this would be too little too late. The idea that we would be paid off for the unused time off at the end of the year is sad, especially knowing that some people are dying from this virus. Our families are hurting now and Charter/Spectrum wants to make sure they budget for anything extra they give us. That is a scary thing to think, that our employer has such little regard for us. It is clear that this company sees us as nothing but a number, and odds are high that many of us will get sick and some of us will not survive. I pray that we all stay safe. You can email employeehelpfromcovid19@gmail.com ***We may respond in time but there might be a delay*** If you really want something to come from this tell your coworkers and family about it and post it on other sites. Join and do your part so we are treated fairly.
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    Created by employeehelp fromcovid19
  • Worker right at Dillards
    This is important not only for the workers but I believe the company at large it improves relationships with higher management and it looks great in the public eye
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  • Floor & Decor is non-essential, close for the safety of your employees and customers
    We are in the middle of a pandemic that can be deadly to anyone regardless of age, race, gender. We’re all at risk and no job is worth your life.
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    Created by Lily B
  • International Shoppe T1 JFK should close because of COVID-19
    All of the flights have been cancelled yet we’re still expected to show up at work. What’s the point if there aren’t even any customers. These are luxury brands selling nonessential products, they are not needed right now. By staying open, we’re only increasing the chances of the virus spreading.
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    Created by Angela Lin
  • Child Care Workers Deserve Hazard Pay
    NYS has mandated the closure of all schools and non-essential businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Daycare centers have been asked to remain open to care for young children, with expectations to also be willing to accept additional students of first responders, offering waivers to go beyond our enrollment. This is in direct contrast to the recommendations of the CDC to maintain social distancing and limit group gatherings. Workers are expected to report to work and will not receive pay if they have not accrued paid time off. Daycare employees are expected to be on the front lines during this pandemic, risking their health, under no advice or supervision as to ensure proper safety and protection against this virus.
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    Created by Tabatha Fenezia
  • PCC Community Markets ("PCC") Store Employees
    Grocery store workers are working in one of the few places still open to large groups and are dealing with hoarding, fights, and shortages. Despite this, PCC store employees are coming to work, enabling our community to quarantine. While this petition cannot address the inequities of class that persist in this country, the virus reveals that risk once again is outsourced to low and moderate-income workers. At a minimum, PCC store employees should receive increased pay and expanded benefits during this crisis. Time is of the essence and other grocers have acted in an expeditious way to address these issues. We expect the same form our Union Representatives on our behalf and PCC Community Markets.
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    Created by Noreen Dillman
  • Corporate Communication
    It will give our employees a sense of safety and know that corporate cares.
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    Created by Lucas Schwartz
  • Top Hundred Companies to Work For?
    This is important to all your employees not only to help them financially but to also show them you do care, because we are all in this together!
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    Created by Denise Burger
  • Paid sick leave without being charged
    We are being forced to use our earned time off during a national crisis that is no fault of our own. We should receive paid time off and not have to use our personal time.
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    Created by Anthony X
  • Keep workers safe and pay them sick pay
    My son works for one and he said they dont get sick pay and he cant wear rubber gloves cause he has to keep removing them and hes a single dad with a toddler at home in his sole care. All these delivery companies need to do way more to protect their employees. Not only are they putting them and their families at home at risk but they are also putting their customers at risk. And Starbucks should definitely shut down!
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    Created by Kathleen DiOrio
  • Make GameStop close give employees paid sick time
    I really shouldn't have to explain this I mean come on we all know GameStop isn't really essential it should shut down for the Coronavirus.
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  • Target is not a essential store.
    I say this is crucial because you do not know who has this deathly virus. Sure, you can wear PPE gear (personal protective equipment) but, that may not stop you from still using that same glove to wipe your nose with that you instantly forgot could be contaminated. Of course, keep your safe distance, 6 feet from person to person contact--that will not keep you virus safe as no one knows who has it and they do not need to stay home as no one is watching them to do. Especially new families with infants and elderly to keep safe.
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    Created by Ant Z