• Hazard Pay/Paid Time Off from Oerther Foods McDonalds
    Workers of this company are only offered the ability to leave without repercussion of losing their jobs. The safety of this county, state, and country falls in the hands of big businesses caring for small profit gain and not caring for the lives of their employees. Workers are risking their lives working in an environment where their nation cannot practice any form of social distancing thus increasing a huge risk of fatalities not only for workers, but for families behind them at home. Many of these workers cannot afford to leave work but cannot afford to lose loved ones or pay absurd pricing for any sick member of the family. This request shouldn't be a thought, more so a necessity considering we are all humans on this earth and this lack of compassion to update any of the facility of what they plan to do with them is repulsive and inhumane. With this petition i encourage all Oerther Foods/McDonald's employees to stand up for what is right for our homes, communities and our way of living.
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    Created by Carlos Fuentes
  • Publix: Coronavirus pandemic
    I have family that works at Publix and know people that work at Publix whom fear losing their lives or risk getting their loved ones sick because Publix management was not proactive.
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    Created by YVETTE TRIPPLET
  • Pay Murphy USA Employees hazard pay
    The definition of hazard pay by the UN is: "Hazard pay is a form of compensation granted to staff members who have been requested to remain and report for work in duty stations where very hazardous conditions, such as war or active hostilities, prevailed and where the evacuation of families and nonessential staff had taken place." Murphy USA is currently open to the public during this time to provide customers with a much needed service of providing gas, groceries and many other items. Many Murphy USA employees are worried and scared that during these hard times of a pandemic that they or their families will likely contract COVID-19 due to being in contact with customers during their shifts. Thus Murphy USA should be providing employees with hazard pay to compensate them for their extra work and exposure to COVID-19
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    Created by Anonymous Anonymous
  • Please consider raising our pay to Hazardous pay temporarily during Covid-19 epidemic
    It is important because we are going to work every day mandatory dealing with 100+ residents and have to risk bringing something back to our families, furthermore this is like playing Russian roulette because we are risking our lives every shift this is terrifying and we are stressed and experiencing anxiety and lack of sleep due to a fear of contracting the caronavirus. We should qualify for hazardous pay to continue to work during these terrifying conditions.
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    Created by Danielle Johnson Picture
  • Mapco employees DESERVE to be paid hazard pay.
    While states can designate what qualifies as essential, the standard definition of an essential employee is someone that performs work involving the safety of human life and the protection of property, according to the 2013 Essential Services Act, but Mapco employees come in contact ALL day long with potentially infected people whom are spreading the virus. Not only has the number of cases increased in most areas but the number of sales have increased Tremendously!
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    Created by Kimberly Guadalupe Picture
  • NYC Trader Joe's Crew need Safe Work Conditions and Hazard Pay
    Trader Joe’s has a reputation as a store that treats its employees well. However, during the COVID-19 crisis Crew Members have not been treated with the respect and care that we expect from our company. Other companies with worse reputations have done more to protect and compensate and communicate with their employees. The center of the crisis has moved to New York City, and as front-line essential employees who are partly responsible for keeping NYC fed and healthy, we deserve to be treated with respect and protected from illness.
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    Created by NYC Crew Members For a Safe Workplace
  • Hazard Pay
    Because our health is at risk.
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    Created by Terry STUCKEY
  • Haven't done anything
    My girlfriend works for Dollar General and since this pandemic started they haven't done or said anything to their employees. Except getting on to my girlfriend and the other employees for getting overtime. I work for Krogers and they have done more than what Dollar General has -- that's kinda shitty, honestly.
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    Created by D W
  • Before a fever! The Goal is to prevent infection
    RRMS needs to be transparent about the heightened risks of an in office work model during a pandemic and offer employees an opportunity to decline these working conditions. I am sincerely trying to offer suggestions on how this company can be resilient.
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    Created by Marcela Hurtado
    Hazard pay is a form of extra compensation given to employees for performing dangerous duties. We here on the frontlines of this pandemic are putting our lives at risk as well as our families. It is physically, mentally and emotionally taxing on staff members.
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    Created by Dusty Rose
  • Instacart Hazard Pay and Guaranteed Closure Pay
    According to the UN, hazard pay is “a form of compensation granted to staff members who have been requested to remain and report for work in duty stations where very hazardous conditions, such as war or active hostilities, prevailed and where the evacuation of families and nonessential staff had taken place.” We are in the middle of a global crisis. Instacart — and grocery stores at large — are ensuring our communities can safely and comfortably quarantine/self-isolate. The workers shopping in the stores have not received fair compensation for the essential service we are providing. Instacart has offered to reimburse sick time for any worker who becomes ill for up to two weeks. That is insufficient — it requires workers to work until they get sick before they can receive any compensation for putting their health in danger, and it does nothing to answer concerns of the underinsured should they become ill. Grocery stores and hospitals are on the frontlines right now, but grocery store workers don’t have access to the same precautions and resources as hospital workers. Hazard pay and guaranteed closure pay provides security, comfort, and increased morale knowing our company supports us.
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    Created by Michael Jones
  • Compensation and Staff Support During Covid-19 Health Crisis
    Employees continue to work at the risk of their own health during a global pandemic in an environment that does not follow social distancing protocol and has a rotation of staff from several surrounding counties that come and leave the facility as frequently as daily. This leaves clients and employees in a vulnerable position as Covid-19 is very contagious and potentially deadly. Employees of Mountain Valley Child and Family Services are asking that the following requests be reviewed and considered as compensation for the risk they are posing to their own health for the benefit of a company that was built on the foundation of Welfare, Safety, Security, and Care for All. MVCFS providing employees with compensation for their extra work and exposure to COVID-19 also provides security, comfort, and increased morale knowing our company has our backs.
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