• Crete Carrier Corp hazard pay for high risk employees aka shops
    Your asking us to put our lives at risk while others get to stay home. Most other big corporations are paying hazard pay to most prone personal with is shop personal!! So make this right your asking for us put our lives on the line that can potentially be deadly to us for the same pay. Be fair and pay us the hazard pay we deserve!
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    Created by Jim Bob
  • Waiver of Signature Confirmation.
    As a result of the current pandemic, it is not safe for both the customer nor the worker to interact in a fashion that increases their chance of getting the Coronavirus.
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    Created by Roosvelt Durosier
  • Hazardous Pay
    Because we can't afford to not work but to face the public daily is putting ourselves at risk and our families. During this outbreak of coronavirus... WE SHOULD BE COMPENSATED FOR KEEPING YOUR COMPANY OPEN!
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    Created by Nicole Greene
  • Hazard Pay
    Due to the coronavirus outbreak employees are risking their lives to come to work to serve the public at the risk of their own families and their own safety being at risk of infection.
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    Created by Mark Price
  • Coffee is Not Essential
    As Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf continues to operate under the pretense that we are aiding the community by providing food and beverage, but they are in fact only endangering their employees and customers. Coffee bean is taking additional steps to encourage cleanliness and sanitation, however this does not eliminate all possibility of not catching COVID-19. The virus stays in the air and on surfaces for up to 14 days. As many medical professionals are being given a quick easy way to grab coffee, it is also putting the employees at risk as well as any guests that it could be transferred to.
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    Created by Lauren Kim
  • Hazard pay for all employees due to COVID-19
    This is important to keep the employees and employee's families safe during this global pandemic. One that we have absolutely no realistic scope of at this point in time.
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    Created by Tony Puckett
  • Get Kroger Workers Hazard Pay
    We are risking our lives each and every day when we have to go into work and stock shelves, ring customers up, and almost any other job in the store. We come into contact with hundreds of people each day and this is putting us at a huge risk to get COVID-19. With many states on a ‘lockdown’ or ‘lock-in’ and us being an essential business this proves that we deserve this extra pay for putting ourselves at risk. Many other companies have already done this to show their employees they care, Kroger should too.
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    Created by Elizabeth Babij
  • All HCA hospitals need proper PPE for healthcare worker safety
    Low supplies of PPE have caused the hospitals to employ unsafe practices for the employees caring for patients. We are being asked to reuse masks and not use the proper level of PPE due to short supply. HCA Healthcare is one of the largest for-profit health care providers in the U.S. and operates in over 20 states. It is the corporation’s responsibility to react to this shortage and employ whatever means necessary to ensure that its employees’ safety remains a priority. Employees should not have to try to navigate what is a safe alternative to the known gold standard of personal Protective Equipment during this global pandemic. If we are not provided with the necessary equipment to stay safe, we will not be able to continue to care for the patients in our community that depend on us. HCA needs to use its vast resources to secure proper PPE for all of its employees and medical staff members.
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  • IWG ACT NOW: Close your Centres! (Regus, Spaces, HQ & other IWG centres)
    After the government announcement on the 23rd of March, unprecedented measures were announced that no one should be leaving their homes unless for exercise, essential travels, shopping or if they are Key Workers going to work. Today, IWG centres remains open; Profiteering from companies during this global pandemic whilst asking their landlord for a 3 months grace period. IWG has not only decided to profit before staff’s welfare, they also gone against their Exceptional Service Statement” – “We exist to help modern, ambitious business work where, when and how they want.” – www.regus.com. During this pandemic, small & medium size companies are making loss and struggling financially whilst locked into a long-term contract unable to leave with no relief or discounts. IWG employees are also forced to decide between working, or to taking holiday leave to get paid. Despite the UK government announcing that they will cover 80% salaries for those who must stay home. IWG employees are not key workers and should be forced to stay home. IWG centres are open 24/7 for members with private office spaces, with the front help-desk open Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm. During this pandemic, IWG can close their front help-desk and centres, but leaving it open to clients who are key-workers which is showing their support to key-workers during these tough times. We ask that IWG reconsiders their situation and provide support to their employees and clients.
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    Created by Rory Macdonald
  • Bucees Cashiers
    We need to protect ourselves and keep ourselves well, along with not taking this virus home to our families.
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    Created by Kelli Messer
  • Three Brothers, employees deserve BENEFITS and HAZARD PAY for being REQUIRED to work COVID-19 CRISIS
    These people are being forced to come into work and interact with customers during the COVID-19 crisis. They are having their hours cut, customers are being ALLOWED TO SIT AND LINGER IN THE LOBBY AREA, and they are not getting anything except their $9/hour and tips. These people deserve HAZARD PAY especially if they are being considered ESSENTIAL.
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    Created by Storm Rae
  • Blick Art Materials Employee Covid 19 Response
    We are in the middle of a pandemic and the head of Blick Art Materials need to step up and support their employees in this difficult time.
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    Created by Oscar Contreras